What negativity do you let into your life?  Crazy isn’t it?.. How we don’t even notice it, but before long we are swimming in negativity and sometimes even drowning.  Like the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water.  We don’t know what has hit us until it is too late.

For me it is all about image.  How do I look?  I have hated how I look since I was a small child and the scary thing is when I look at my photos from then, I was a beautiful young girl with absolutely nothing wrong with me.  I wasn’t overweight nor did I have any other issues that would cause me to stand out or think I look terrible. But I hated how I looked none-the-less.

Today I struggle with my weight and other health issues and I am working hard to remedy that.  I am doing CrossFit and eating healthier but what I lack is self confidence and a belief that God can truly help me through what I am dealing with.  I have thyroid issues and pain issues and just plain self hate issues.  God can deal with those and heal them if I “let” Him, but I let my negativity over how I look and feel now overwhelm and even kill how I will look and feel in the future.

I truly need to remove the negativity and completely replace it with God’s truth and that is that I am wonderfully and beautifully made and that God created me for a purpose, and part of that purpose is to be healed and lead others down that same path through my story and my faith.

Not as easy as it sounds, but with His help… I believe it is something that will truly come to pass.  What negativity are you holding on to?  How does it affect your life?  Are you still above water, or are you sinking?

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15 thoughts on “Negativity

  1. Faith in God can help many things, but when it comes to self image, the only person that can help you the most, who can truly heal you, is yourself. You have to believe in you, and you are right. It isn’t easy because we are the hardest on ourselves. Look into the mirror every day and tell yourself with your mind, your soul, your spirit, that you are beautiful because it is the truth. 🙂

  2. Carri — You are a step closer every day because you realize and recognize what your deep feelings are doing in your life. Just remember the words Aibileen (The Help)said to her young charge every day:
    You is Kind
    You is Smart
    You is Important

    Keep you feet moving forward and your thoughts every positive!

  3. Negativity, it hits like sets of waves, these days for me it’s a lot easier to ride it, and turn it into something to find a new direction to go with it. Ive hear a lot about CrossFit, have a few friends in to it, and they like it a lot.

  4. For me there are two times during the year when self-hate whispers my name.. just before Christmas when I’m exhausted, everybody’s exhausted, there’s a strain of familial tension when the expectation of joy, joy presses. The second is midsummer, when its dismally hot and it’s bikini season and I need a tent instead. I want to play with the Grands all day, but they have other things in store. Both times i’m moody and cross for no reason. I pray that God restore my sanity and that I don’t hurt anyone until its return. Like the spring, it does return.

  5. Good reminders to be true to yourself and know you are always whole. I agree with Heidi, but with a caveat: God is within you. Remember those God-like qualities and nourish them. Exercise definitely helps. I’m glad you found something you enjoy.

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