Who do you think you are?

A video came across my Facebook feed the other day from a movie “Second Hand Lions.”  It has been a while since I  have seen it so I watched the clip because I was just passing time and I thought it would be fun. 🙂  In the clip Robert Duvall (one of my favorite actors), Michael Caine and Haily Joel Osment are eating dinner in a diner when some unruly young men come in with intent to cause trouble.  The question asked to Robert Duvall really stood out to me…  “Hey! Who do you think you are, huh?”  From there Duvall goes into who he is in quite a dramatic way that leaves an impression.  Check out the video here, but beware there is mild language in it.

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Well, who do you think you are?  Do you even know?  It is a good question to ask yourself, because if you don’t know or even have a clue, you can go for years just wandering without any purpose what-so-ever.  My husband wrote about this subject on his blog several months ago.  In his blog post “Tell Me Your Name” he goes on to tell us who he thinks he is and where he gets his identity from.

So where do you get your identity from and have you ever written it down so you can look at it on those days when nothing makes sense and you feel like nothing?  If you haven’t I encourage you to do so.  The enemy screams in our ears that we are nobody in order to berate and belittle us.  But Jesus whispers into your heart… you are somebody… you are mine… I love you… I died for you!

Write down who you are, read it aloud… It may just change your life!

Who Do You Think You Are?

My name is Carri Schutter!

I am a daughter and princess of the one true God,
Loyal servant to the true King, Jesus Christ,
and the Holy Spirit dwells within me!

I am a wife to an incredible man,
mother to an amazing girl,
and friend to many!

I will stand against evil and fight to set the captives free,
in this life and the next!

I am FREE!

Who are you?


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I am a daughter of the King! Wife to an amazing Man! Mom of a precious Girl! This is my life inside a grace-filled home! Faith, Family & Homeschooling

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