Last night was an amazing night for our eight year old Muppin.  It was the annual Father / Daughter dance and it was an event she had been waiting for.  Needless to say it was it was indeed all she dreamed it would be and more.

There were beautiful lights, pictures, gifts and of course ice cream!  What more could a girl ask for right?  But that wasn’t what was really special to her.  What was really special was that her daddy was there spending quality time with just her, treating her like the princess she is, making memories with her.  He is truly an amazing dad!

I love you Mark!  Thanks for being the wonderful man she needs in her life, being a wonderful example of Gods love,  and giving her an amazing example of a man she wants to find when she grows up!  She will always remember these moments, they will be precious to her!

charis and daddy collage 2

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. LOL – I love hearing and reading about these father-daughter dances. What a beautiful way to show little girls, who will soon grow into young women, what to look for in a man. If a man can’t treat her with the love and respect demonstrated by her father, then the young woman will know that he isn’t the right one for her. Praise God for the daddies who are there for their daughters! May God continue to bless you and Mark and your little Muppin!

    Much love,

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