Cultivate A Deeper Relationship With God!

Learn to talk to God and most importantly learn to hear form Him.

Easy to use worksheets!

Detailed instructions!

We often want to have a deeper relationship with God, but most the time we go about it without much thought. We pray sometimes, we study sometimes, but for the most part we really don't have any kind of system that works in keeping us focused on Him.

Using these simple worksheets will help you cultivate a habit of intentional and meaningful moments with our Lord. He is longing to talk to us and we often talk much more than we listen.

These forms can be used just for you or you can add them to your kids daily time with God as well, they are that easy.

What will you get? You will get directions that let you know how to use the SOAP method of study and the prayer sheet I have added for you. I don't know about you but I love fun and colorful forms! So your worksheets will be fun and colorful! You will receive one for SOAP studies and one for prayer time. They can be printed over and over again. I have printed multiples out and have them in a 3 ring binder for easy use.

I pray that the forms bless your relationship with God as they have mine. I have learned to really stop and listen to what He is saying before I write and what a blessing that has been!

I pray God's rich blessings on your life! Now grab this freebie and go out and cultivate your relationship with our great God!

Give me my freebies!!! :)

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