A Conversation with Jesus

Woman at the Well by Simon Dewey

Not long ago a conversation I had with Jesus went something like this.

Jesus: Sweet Carri, I have missed spending time with you recently.  Do you miss spending time with me?
Carri: I have been really busy with my daughter’s school, our businesses, house-work and family life in general.  Of course I miss you.  Things are just so demanding.

Jesus: I understand. But you know the Shepherd knows when his sheep wander off for awhile.  I have seen you wandering. 
Carri:  I am not wandering Jesus, I am just very busy, you know how it is.  I love you.

Jesus:  I know you love me, but all the business is just an excuse my love, you know you are truly wandering deep down inside of you.
Carri:  Sigh… I know, I’m sorry.

Jesus: I was glad you came to me with your fear about being ill and all the changes you wish to make.  I am here guiding you and repairing inside of you what needs repaired.  I am your healer.
Carri: I don’t know how I could have handled that without you.

Jesus: I am there for you. But you know I am also there when things are going well.  I want to rejoice with you as much as I want to heal you.  I want to dance with you, love you, break bread with you.
Carri: I know. I forget that sometimes and I get so busy with stupid things that I forget to pray and spend time with you.  I forget to even invite you in.

Jesus: I was just wondering something.
Carri: What?

Jesus: Did you find time to spend with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, through email and other places today?
Carri: Do you need a refill of your drink or something to eat?

Jesus: Nice try. You make time for what is important to you. I want to be as important to you as your computer, friends, writing, chores and family. I want to be important to you, like you are to me.
Carri: Why do you put up with me?

Jesus: Because I love you. And I always will.  You are the reason I came.  You are my beloved.

If you are like me some of your days are very similar to mine.  What is your relationship like with Jesus?  All or nothing?  Mine often is.  When things are great, I have no time for Him, when they are bad, I run to Him.  I often wonder if he allows us to reside in our trials longer only because that is the only way we will seek Him.  Would those trials lessen or be over quicker if we learned the truth?  He wants us to remember that no matter what is going on in our daily lives whether it be burnt toast or birthday’s that He is there waiting for us to run to Him and tell Him all about it. Yes, He already knows, but He still wants to hear it from you.

Think about our own kids, nothing gives us more pleasure then seeing our children run to us with good news, joy filled excitement over what wonderful thing just happened. Jesus wants that with us too. His heart breaks when ours does, and His heart overwhelms with joy when He see’s our happiness and excitement. Don’t keep Him locked out, invite Him in. He is waiting, ever patiently with His love that never fades.

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